Regent' s Initiative


The Regent's Initiative provides Funding for the Teacher Induction Program and the partnerships with schools. 
The following are excerpts from Regent's Initiative :

In 1996, the Chancellor of the Texas A&M System, the Commissioner of Education, and the deans of the Texas A&M University System's College of Education developed the Partnership for Texas Public Schools, an unprecedented organization among Texas' institutions of higher education.

This partnership was designed to engage the collective resources of the A&M Systems with those of the Texas Education Agency to address educational issues of common concern.

The groundbreaking work of the unique statewide initiatives advanced by this organization has served to heighten the awareness and set the stage for an even more ambitious improvement agenda with the A&M System: The Regent's Initiative for Excellence in Education.

Approved by the Texas A&M University System's Board or Regents in March 1999, this initiative builds upon the Partnership for Texas Public Schools. The Regents' Initiative delineates a leadership path and a course of action that the A&M System universities may pursue in order to significantly impact the quality and productivity of educator preparation programs.


  • To expand and refine the successful work of the Partnership for Texas Public Schools, particularly in areas of educator preparation. 

  • To elevate the status of educator preparation and school-university partnerships within the A&M System. 

  • To increase the quality and effectiveness of all educator preparation programs with the A&M System. 

  • To strengthen curriculum alignment and instructional transition between public high schools, community colleges and universities within the A&M System. 

  • To promote collaborative research and development which advances state education policies. 

  • To provide a comprehensive and continuous improvement system for educator preparation and student preparedness within the A&M System. 


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Revised: June 07, 2002